Friday, 22 January 2016

We were never a poor country Neither intellectually nor Economically..!!(19-jan-2015)

Year 0 AD to 1750 AD ( before that date there  was no profound statistically data available), India was contributing 25 - 30 % of the total gdp of the world and china was contributing other 25%.. and den something happens, because of which deindustrialisation begins.. and in next 150 years , all the industries are gone , people are unemployed , We were imposed with 90% of the tax on income to the invaders on our Income. So the people who say India was always a poor country are fucking liars. We have been looted continuously for 1200 years.. we did not know the unethical wars. Never dreamt of expanding boundaries on the bloodshed still we always remained rich.

We are atleast a 7000 years old intellectual country ..and today some foreign funded NGO and politically motivated directors make documentaries like "Nirbhaya- The Daughter Of India " and we all are proven sick , what the shit is this. Yeah we have some problems in our country , and we are suffering from diluted identity crises, but that does not give foreign funded agencies a right to say anything about us. Our sages were doing "Consciousness awakening Samadhi" when world was trying to get fire by stones.

Our civilization does not come under the category of "Stone Age " , "Bronze Age" because we were always in the "age of gold"..The world Secular or Woman empowerment does not go with us, because we were always secular and our women were always empowered.
Please dont fall in the trap of the people , who are part of a strategic Propoganda , there are Indians who get paid by foreign agencies just to say bad things about der own country. Der are enough proofs that most of the Media is "foreign funded" .. please try to know as much as you can about our amazing history and Proud civilization. Dont make invaders our Hero . Dont feel ashamed because some foreign funded agencies are given a task to "Break India".

We have been "Jagat Guru" and we will remain so.(Spread the Real History of this Great country)

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