Friday, 25 December 2015

Definition of Love ( प्यार की परिभाषा) - Video - (25-12-2015)

Recitation of one of my own favorite lines , Shot primarily to check the video quality of my phone Moto X Play .. I could relate with these lines when I wrote each and every word of it , and enjoyed equally , when I self shot it .. I hope you like this too
Motivation credit goes to Manju Hooda
Written - 13 - Nov - 2015
Shot - 25- Dec - 2015

P.S - Clicking on HD will certainly give a better experience

Saturday, 19 December 2015

My identity is Indian- No state No Religion(26-Jan-2015)

(Facebook Post)
I am witnessing Republic day parade on TV first time in my life. One very strange thing happened with me while watching it . I saw the Tableau of all the states and strangely  I did not relate with any state. Yes it's true I am not like any representations appeared on the TV Screen. I thought about it and concluded  that these all represent rural India, religion, old India... People like me represent an another India. Ironically it's we people who represent the India on the globe.. We are primarily in metros, we live in flats, we wear jeans t-shirt, we invest in Stocks markets, yes we are most of the times on our gadgets, we spend money on touring, we prefer talking in English, we don't do regional dances and most of us don't even know the name of them. Most of the cinema represent us, most of the TV programs represent us, than why can't I find my breed in our Republic day.



If I am given a Chance to Slap "AIB" Bastards..!!(6-Feb-2015)

Before saying anything let me take a swear not to watch any movie featuring Karan Johar, Ranbeer Singh , Raghu Ram &; Arjun Kapoor. Anurag I did not expect you to be present at a place like this.
Let me tell you guys if you think, you are funny , rational , flag bearer of a new genre comedy , actually you are not . You are dumb losers. You represent that part of Uncivilized India, who has no understanding of what India is all about . Unfortunately you are my generation's role model & you influence mass . You are the answer of the question of "Why India has seen a culture shift and reached to a new low in last 15 years". You are also the proud reason of Women depowerment , why they are considered just a piece of flash by this generation.

I know the unfortunate part that your shitty organizers are going to get more following after this filthiest thing you have done. Don't think that you get followers because you are good , but those followers are rootless. If it was only about making people laugh i know next time you will be circulating your mother's nude pics while saying "We are doing all this just to make people laugh". Am i sounding rude ? You people should realize that  its nothing in front of what you have done to the whole generation.
I have no problems & interest in your animal instinctive sex life or low morals. We all know that you guys cannot be a faithful partner, and we don't expect you to be. I also don't have problems in dipika , sonakshi , alia or your own mother clapping on your so called jokes. They are as filthy and unfaithful as you. I also don’t get shocked when you say you can sleep with any women you want. This just proves what you think about Women. My only problem is your intention to sell your cheapness & you don’t bother about who is buying it. It is similar to giving a porn DVD to a kid. You tell him not to watch it beta, it’s not for you, and he would be more keen to know what is that . Let it be.. You guys don’t have any brains to understand all this because you are dumb enough to be unaware of the social impact you losers have on innocent common men.
Whoever is reading and understand what I am writing, I request them to avoid these people to the extreme, Stop watching them in whatever form they are. Let the message go from common men to this glittering but irresponsible industry that stop using us as ladders to reach at the point where you can sleep with any Women you want… Mind you… that "Any" women is your fan and you actually exploit the respect and emotions she has for you.

Anupam S Shlok (Moral Police - This is what you call us. )

Love Paradox..!! (15-March-2015)

अजब दुविधा है...हर बार किसी को अपने लायक बनाने के लिए उसे असीम प्रेम देकर बदल डालना पड़ता है..फिर सवाल काटने दौड़ पड़ता है की ये हार है या जीत...जीत इस बात की मेरे प्रेम का बहाव किसी को बदल के रख देने की ताकत रखता है...और हार ये की ये चक्र समाप्त नहीं कर पता जब बदलने की जरूरत ही न हो... हम एक दूसरे के लिए सम्पूर्ण हों...जन्म जन्मान्तर के लिए...!!!

आसमान मेरा ये दर्द क्यों समझेगा? उसे ऊपर उठने से फुर्सत कहाँ? पर हर टीस का कुछ तो मल्हम होता जरूर है... वो मल्हम तुम्हे पा लेना है या सदा के लिए खो देना?

घटिया लिखूंगा आज..!!(7-Apr-2015)

( A facebook Post)

आज घटिया लिखने का मन है , इतना घटिया की 5 - 10 लोग अपनी फ्रेंड लिस्ट से हटा दें, लाइक करना तो दूर की बात.. कभी लिखा था की दो चार सौ लोग पड़के , सुनके , ताली बजाके निकल जाएँ तो क्या मज़ा..मज़ा तब है जब हम पादें और सूंघने वालों का सैलाब इकठ्ठा हो जाए... हम मूत की लकीर बना दें और वही दो देशों की सरहद बन जाए... अच्छा लिखने वाले लिखें जिंदगी पे, चाँद पे , मोहब्बत पे पर मैं छिछोरा लिखूंगा...हमेशा की तरह...
आज सुबह बचते बचाते उसी काले कुत्ते की टट्टी पे पैर फिर पड़ा जो मेरे लाख मना करने के बावजूद आज भी नॉन वेजीटेरियन है...कुत्ता कहीं का...वहां से निकला जब तो बंसी पान वाले का लड़का हर बार की तरह नाक चाट रहा था, भले ही पानवाला है पर साला मुझसे ज्यादा कमाता है..अपने एकलौते बच्चे के जुखाम का इलाज़ नहीं करवा सकता क्या?
शाम को लेट घर पहुँचो तो मेरी डायन गर्ल फ्रेंड मेरे सीने में चढ़ने को तैयार ... नज़दीक गया तो फिर किसी मर्द की बू थी उसके शरीर में..थकावट नहीं देखती बस सेक्स चाहिए उसे.. न जाने कितनो जन्मों तक भूखी थी साली.. इस सबके बाद मकान मालिक की बेरोकटोक गालियां..उल्लू का पट्ठा...अगर बीवी उसकी पैसे न वसूलने देती तो क्यों रहता मैं इस मनहूस कब्रिस्तान में...
फेसबुक खोलो तो कैंडी क्रश की रिक्वेस्ट देख के लगता है लोग अपनी मैय्या की शादी की व्यवस्था कैंडी क्रश खेल खेल के करवा रहे हैं.. एक्स गर्ल फ्रेंड ने आज ब्लाक कर दिया है जरूर नया बकरा फांस लिया होगा मुझे लूटने के बाद.. अब यार ऐसे में लखबीर सिंह लख्हा के भजन कैसे सुनु...या अलोक नाथ के संस्कारो का घंटा बजाऊं
दोस्त जब जब हमारी मरेगी तब तब हम ऐसा ही लिखेंगे जिसको रहना है रहो वरना देखो ऊपर थोडा दायीं साइड अनफ्रैंड का आप्शन मिलेगा ...

पोर्न बैन...हैं सच क्या..?(6-August-2015)

(I wrote this and later found that it was only Child Pornography which was banned)

अब क्या तो कह डालूं.. पता तो नहीं चला क्यों पर उड़ती उड़ती हमने भी सुनी की पोर्न बैन..कसम से आत्मिक शांति की अनुभूति हुई.|
उसके बाद से कुछ ठरकपुजारी बुद्धिजीवों का आकलन भी पड़ा की पोर्न बैन करना कितना बड़ा महापाप है मानो अब वो लोग संतान प्राप्ति का सौभाग्य नहीं प्राप्त कर पाएंगे। जीवन के पूर्वार्ध से ही मैं समझ नहीं पाया कभी की आखिर सरकारें इतनी कलुषित चीज़ को काहे को बैन नहीं करती . न जाने कौनसा प्रभाव पड़ता है देश के सकल घरेलू उत्पाद(GDP) पे । चलो देर आयद दुरुस्त आयद ।
महिला को "प्रयोग" करना हमें इसी देवी माँ ने सिखाया । हर दूसरे घर की माँ , बहन का चित्र पॉर्न साइट्स के साम्राज्य पर उपलब्ध है..नयी नयी धमकियों का जन्म हुआ की "या तो मेरे साथ सोने को तैयार हो या अगले दिन तुम नयी पोर्न स्टार ". नए नए फोरम बने इस सोच वाले लोगों के की महिलाओं की भीड़ किस जगह ज्यादा मिलती है ताकि वो लोग जाकर कुछ गुप्तांगों के स्पर्श(groping) का आनंद ले सकें .ये जो पोर्न बैन को अपनी माँ के स्वर्गवास सा मान रहें हैं ये उसी नामर्द पुरुषों का समूह है जो जीवन भर किसी महिला के प्रेम से वंचित रहती हैं और फिर पॉर्न के कारण कुपोषित और अपराधिक प्रवत्ति की ओर अग्रसर हो संसार में बवासीर बन जाते हैं.
इस सभी मित्रो से निवेदन है की अगर आप सच में पोर्न बैन से इतने आहत है तो शुरूरात खुद से करें.. अपनी माताजी या बहन जी , पत्नी या पुत्री का एक सुन्दर सा पोर्न mms बनाके अपनी जैसी सोच वालों को भेजें और फिर दूसरी साइड वाला आपको वैसा ही mms बना के भेजेगा.. अब हम लोग तो पोर्न बैन के उपलक्ष्य में घी के दिए जला रहें हैं अब आप पोर्न की मय्यत पे कुछ तो protest करेंगे ही.. क्यों इंतज़ार करते हैं की कोई और बेटी आपकी आँखों के लिए कपडे खोलेगी .. आप अपने घर से शुरुआत करें ।
अंत में हार्दिक बधाई सरकार को इस परमावश्यक कदम को उठाने के लिए..। तहेदिल से धन्यवाद smile emoticon

प्रिय टीपू सुलतान(13-Nov-2015)

(My take on the Congress's stand where they call Tipu a patriot )

तो टीपू साहब् आपके जाने के 200 साल बाद आप फिर से लोगो के मरने का कारण बनने लगे हो। मैं मानता हूँ आपने अंग्रेज़ो से लोहा लिया मगर क्या ये आपको देश भक्त बनाता है.। मित्र आप भी तो भारत को एक इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बना देना चाहते थे। अगर कल अमेरिका या रूस सीरिया से isis को हटा खुद कब्ज़ा कर ले तो अमेरिका सीरिया के लिए देशभक्त हो जाएगा क्या। आपने हिंदुओं और ईसाइयों के साथ क्या किया ।कितने मारे कितने धर्म परिवर्तन करवाये क्या आपको संख्या याद है। मुग़लो के खात्मे के बाद आपकी महत्वाकांशये वही नहीं थी। अफगानी जमन शाह से मिलकर आप भी तो देशपर फिर से इस्लामिक invasion करवाना चाहते थे।
आपसे अनुरोध है अपने उन अनुयायी भक्तो जो मुहम्मद ग़ज़नी और बाबर को अपना पूर्वज मानते हैं उनसे कहे की कृपया भारत देश को अपना खुद का इतिहास लिखने दे। और आप थोडा साइड को हो लें।

कौन झेलेगा पांच साल केजरीवाल?? (4-Dec-2015)

कसम से जितना लोलु इस केजरीवाल और इसके सगों ने दिल्ली की बुद्धिमान जनता को बनाया है , मेरी दादी जिन्दा होतीं तो कहतीं 'कीड़े पड़ेंगे इन्हे' .. बचपन की कहावत "येड़ा बनके पेड़ा खाना" का असल अर्थ क्या होता है इस कुचरित्र व्यक्तियों के समूह ने बताया है.. भगवान जाने अगले ४ साल अपने घर भरने को और क्या क्या नए प्रावधान लाएगा ये आदमी..!! दिल कर रहा है सारे भीषड़ भीषड़ अपशब्दों के विशेषण लिख डालूं इस भारत माँ के लाल के लिये  ... कितनी आशाएं थी इस कुलक्षने से ...

Anupam S Shlok

Hail America(9-Dec-2015)

(My Take On Donald Trump's Statement about Muslims)

Yes Donal Trump's statement about stopping Muslims to come to America is a Racist statement , yes It is Indeed. This is worth analyzing , but my Interest is the attitude of a common American , who is pissed off with the problems in the ever welcoming society of America (unfortunately created by some people of a particular religion).
America has welcomed people who dream , want to become bigger. Muhhamad Ali or Kalpana Chawala , they welcomed each and every one. But eventually there is a tolerance point and specially when you allow people to achieve their dreams but behind the curtains same people fuck you. They eat your meals but spread poison in the society whenever they get a chance. This morning I read a news of 11 Indians deported back from quwait just because they chose to pray to the "Hindu" god. Ironically these kuwaiti two months back requested Arizona government to implement Sharia Law for the zone which has become a Muslim majority zone now.
Though in India these things are not surprising, We have countless places like Malappuram(Kerela) , where it’s more of Sharia which has been implemented instead of Indian Constitution. In India , this all is possible , because Hindus are generally a spineless creatures. Either they fight with each other on their issues or they fight with each other on other's issue. but they would never fight with the real problem forget about taking a stand. They would actually not allow other Hindus also to take a stand by calling them "Intolerant".
Common Americans have understood that, they are fighting with a religion which does not allow its followers to be loyal for the state or the country they are living in. Theses followers are only supposed to follow and be loyal towards their religion. Does not matter if they are American citizens or they are Indian citizens. So , if America chooses to be a bit Intolerant on the grounds that one particular community of their own society is actually fighting against them, conceptualizing to destroy them I don't consider them wrong. Let them make a stricter Immigrant bill. After all they are not 1.25 billion to afford some more attacks and death of civilians. We are tolerant because we are so populated that some of the terrorist attacks and death of common people would not bother us much.
I have soft corners for the Muslims, who are actually willing to cope with the Values and culture of the society in the countries where they are living in. But buddies, unfortunately a dominant members of your religion are not understanding that we are in year 2016 now , and no point in strictly believing in what was written 1400 years ago at a time when there was no technology , no equality, no respect for Woman. And the result of this extremist belief is that soon there is going to be a War, Which you also predict in your books. You call it a war of Muslims Versus Non-Believers and we will call it a war between Peacemakers and Peace disturbers.
At the end of this war there will be a defined Muslim world and a non-Muslim World with strict protocols of NO IMMIGRATION possible at all.

And the story goes on..(13-Dec-2015)

(Experimental excerpt writing)

She - I saw her photograph, she is beautiful. Say yes to parents,marry her.
He - how can you say that? I love you and will always love you,I have not thought anything else but you. Please be mine..lets elope
She - No I cant ..I have seen tears in my parents eyes . I cant do this.
He - don't you love me anymore?
She - I do Shona and I will always. But I have accepted the fact that eventually we both have to marry somwhere else. But that does not mean I will not love you.
He - Are you in love with someone else?
she - I told you , In this life I have loved you and will love you one is there. But yes for marriage I am thinking about this short Singapore guy or this new guy who has proposed me.
He - don't go far from me, be here .. Even if I marry somwhere else , I want to remain closer to you.
She-hmm babu, I'll make sure..remember no can take our love our moments and our memories from us...listen this is the time new guy calls me..i will talk to you in the night.
(disconnects the phone and calls He2)
she- how is my Shona,are you back from office?
He2- why your number was busy?
She- babu was talking to mom..she is forcing me to meet some guys..listen why ain't you serious about us?
He2- not again know my complications..I am not stopping you to marry ..please go ahead.
She- but did not you think about your complications when we slept?
He2 - see neither I was virgin nor you. So be mature..i love you and will always love you..but I don't think about marriage atleast not now ..not for next 2 years.
She- sometimes I feel you were biggest mistake of my life..but its the strange happiness of your company, why I am with you..I'll give u the time so you come out of your complications and we will be together.
He2- I have never promised you anything and will not..though I promise that I'll love you forever.
She- ok shona .give me sometime ..I want to be alone.
He2- hmm ok me when you feel like talking..
She- ok love you..bye babu
(disconnects the call..thinks for sometime and den messages on Skype to singapore guy)
She- how is my Shona.. What is the temperature in singapore baby??... Call me here when u r free..
(He3 messages - ok darling ..get ready ..make sure you are not wearing anything...hahaha)
and the story goes on...

A Letter to Pappu Gandhi ...!! (15-Dec-2015)

Dear ‪#‎Pappu

I appreciate all the hard work you are doing for Congress , you have Indeed lost nearly 7 kg of weight in last one month.But if we keep this fact apart, are you really a congress loyalist? I mean whenever I look at you I feel that BJP has planted you in Congress to destroy congress internally.Is it a‪#‎ConspiracyTheory‬ of BJP.
Are you really so dumb or do you pretend to look like? I mean if you pretend den I must tell you that you are doing a wonderful job, you look damn cute while playing so.
I mean how cute was that statement "Modi did not allow me to go to temple in Assam ,see this kind of politics Modi plays." And I heard its Congress Ruling in Assam and also heard that Chief minister was all the time with you,still this Modi does not allow you to go to temple ...Aaw that's pretty bad of Modi..But I was surprised by the tolerence level you did not complain him when you were in Assam complained after 2 days when you reached Delhi near to Mom.
Dear gandhians, don't you think der is a limit of nonsense. You are screwing parliament sessions one by one, your analyst team is always busy in finding out issues to raise to disrupt the temple of democracy. If I would have been the power, I would have thrown you out from parliament untill and unless you don't learn ethics and respect for the nation. Or do you sense that this parliament session is your last in Indian politics.. The ghost of‪#‎NationalHerald‬ is gonna eat you and you people are gonna be behind the bars for 10 years atleast.

If Congress would have thought about development nearly 5% of the total opportunities they had to make a better India , they would have easily ruled India for 60 more years. But let bygone be bygone.. AB BAITHO AGLE 60 SAAL OPPOSITION MEIN AUR HO SAKE TO THODI TAMEEZ SEEKHO OPPOSITION MEIN BAITHNE KI..your personal ambitions are screwing all of the country.don't we say THOTHA CHANA BAAZE GHANA