Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Drama Of Recruiting(5-Dec-2017)

One guy left the job. HOD decided to hire his old colleague 'X' for that position. But he had no option but to "follow the process" of that MNC.

Replacement position was raised,6 candidates were called, all came for an Interview, 3 individuals came twice before X was finally recruited.

No reimbursement was given to anyone Except 'X' & BTW no feedback was given to remaining 6.

Following were the reasons(for Internal use) for rejections

Candidate 1- Not from relevant Industry (His company name was given on his CV clearly)

2- Higher Salary (First Thing asked in the first Conversation was his Salary)

3 - Had no relevant Functional Experience (First telephonic conversation was about his Experience and Job Profile)

4 - Over Qualified (His Education and Experience made him Overqualified, though these were also mentioned in his CV from 1st Day)

5- So many job changes in last 3 years( Already mentioned in CV)

6 - Currently Not working ( Obviously this was the first thing he told to HR)

On an average, each individual spent 1000 Rs to attend this Interview plus 1 Day off, 3 Candidates spent twice. This was for the position where joiner was pre-decided. 

Anupam S Shlok

P.S - Feeling ashamed and regretting would be enough if you also have hired X ever.

Great capabilities = Great career, is a lie (6-Dec-2017)

We both were drunk, revealing secrets. He was one of the overpaid guys in my organization.

Here comes the interesting secret from him in fluent English "I got into "XYZ" B-School by paying money. They played with CAT score, my score was changed with someone else's score"

Overall this guy was a below average but a tactful person. He was paid handsomely because of that stamp of BSchool, always given the best assignments. Now he gets 10 times more job calls than an average Job seeker mostly from top companies. Every jump to another company gives him a hefty hike.

On account of the great alumni network, getting a job is easy for him. This is how you get jobs in India, by "references". His B-School degree has given him a lot of references.

I feel bad for his colleagues who were way more capable & hardworking but still way underpaid, struggle every time when looking for a new job.

Does he know the job? Aah any individual with average IQ would do the same, degree or without a degree. A number of years of experience give an obvious growth. Plus companies invest decently in training.

He is now a HOD of his function for one of the MNC. He just needs to pass his work to the team under him.

Anupam S Shlok

P.S. -Don't ask me the name of that B-School

Circus called Interview(13-Dec-2017)

I remember recruiting my plant head, 50+-year-old guy, extremely humble, knew the industry & product thoroughly.I had a pretty positive interaction with him then I requested my COO to meet him.

"Let Rahul meet him once. If he says Ok, ill meet him" he responded.

Rahul was a recent recruit 24-year-old from one of the NIT, a pretty decent guy with 2 years experience with some IT company. COO liked him from the first day.

But was he capable of interviewing this old pal and eventually 'Rejecting' him?

Do you agree "Interviews are torture sometimes", Not because candidates are not prepared but because Interviewers are 'Sick, Insane, Sadist, Dumb'.

I used to sit with an Interesting character for Interviews, HOD of a department,55+. He had a pet question "What is Multiplying factor" No matter how well your interview has gone , if you could not answer this you are rejected. Or no matter how dumb you are if you know this, your recruitment is approved by him.

I have seen "Terrorist sitting as Interviewer" literally abusing candidates, terrorizing them. They are not Interested in what candidate know, only interested in teaching what they know.

Anupam S Shlok

P.S. Dont treat people as shit. Its OK if you dont recruit them but make Interview process happy & cheerful

Companies are heartless (15-Dec-2017)

I got a call from a consultant hired by Shapoorji Pallonji Group. They wanted my views on a senior guy they hired from my company. I asked them to mail me the details they want, generally, the way reference check happens.

They never mailed me and I never replied to them.Why would I reply to someone unknown asking information about my ex-employee?They tried some more time before they stopped calling.

Two days later, I received a call for a job opportunity for some MNC starting operations in India. Profile, role, money all looked excellent. A couple of days later we met at a hotel in Gurgaon. The first question after "tell me about yourself" was "What are your views about that ex-employee of yours".

"I was trapped"

I took a day off, I spent 2000 bucks for the taxi. Eventually to realize I was made fool. All the drama was to gather information about that ex-employee of mine. I left the place without saying a single word.

While coming back I played "Apna kaam banta, bhaad me jaaye janta" song thrice.

From that day onwards I made sure no one known to me join Shapoorji Pallonji International

Anupam S Shlok

P.S. - Absolute true event.

Jio's Dadagiri (19-Dec-2017)

Morning 9'o clock I receive a warning message from Jio ,"You are misusing your Jio number by abnormally high number of calls, Please stop misusing",I laughed at it first but took it seriously & made sure I am not calling from #Jio number.

At night around 1'o clock I felt severe pain in my chest,I thought to call my Doctor but could not call rather I received a message, "Because you have still not stopped misusing jio, we have stopped your services"

I was all alone in the chilling winter night, not able to contact my doctor. He does not use WhatsApp and messages were not enough to wake him up.

"I survived" & met my doctor in the Morning.

Jio Customer care blamed me for using it for Commercial uses.I have 3 contacts saved in my Phone.My Mom, My sister, and my fiancee.

No one ever told me(even now) what exactly is "abnormally high" 10 minutes a day or 10 hours a day. I was never intimated before & after intimation, in next 15 hours, I reduced my usage to almost 10 %.

What if that chest pain was a heart attack.

By all the means,Jio grabbed us, Killed almost all the industry. Now they are in a position where they rule the terms. Either we accept the terms or suffer. We don't have the freedom to ask or counter.

Anupam S Shlok

P.S. - Based on True Events

Thursday, 30 November 2017

She was a selfish Linkediner (30-Nov-2017)

This morning I received a message with Subject line "HI Dude" from an unknown connection which I added recently.

"Hey, Anu, Awesome Picture.I have been following your posts for some time.Do you work as an HR?Buddy, please visit my profile and suggest relevant job opportunity to me.Share your email ID as well"

Messager sender must be in her late 20s,who looked pretty attractive in her office attire.I looked at the message in awe for 5 minutes, spent next 5 minutes on her profile, felt 'Hopeful' by her selection of words.

" Yes,she wants to start a conversation.Oye Anupam teri to nikal padi" I screamed within me.'Bachelor' side of me replied with joy

"Hey, thanks for great words of appreciation.You work in a completely different industry & unfortunately,I am almost "Unemployed" so practically would not be able to help you at this point in time.My email is's get connected over the phone, what is your phone number?

She replied back with an alone "OK" within seconds.

An hour later I messaged her reminding to giver her phone number.

"I don't give my number to strangers" was the last reply before she blocked me.

Anupam S Shlok

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Strategizing Recruitment. (5*Sep-2017)

For any organization, hiring the right talent is one of the most important and extremely critical exercise for the overall performance and growth of the organization. Modern Business environment requires greater competitive advantage from HR activities and processes. HR department of the organization has two roles to play

1)      Operational
2)      Strategic

HR adds strategic value to the organization either by becoming ‘reactive’ or ‘proactive’ function. In reactive strategy mode, HR defines its Recruitment strategy by assuming and embracing the existence of overall business strategy and strategizing accordingly in line with organizational strategies. Most of the recruitment strategies are reactive in nature and need a constant review on workability, though developing LDPs (Leadership development programs) are must. In this VUCA (Volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, no strategy is forever or for very long-term, keep updating yourself is the key to the success.

Things to remember before strategizing Recruitment process

Every organization has different needs in general and different manpower requirements. It is important to consider below-mentioned factors before getting into strategizing Recruitment process.

·         Internal Factors
o   Overall objectives of the organization
o   Need, size, nature of the organization
o   Impacting Interconnected policies
o   Cost, financial budget analysis
o   Attrition analysis
·         External Factors
o   Demand and supply scenario
o   PESTEL (Political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal) scenario
o   Competitors
o   Organization Image (EVP – Employee Value Proposition)

Prerequisites for defining recruitment strategy.

It is important to standardize every part of recruitment process before drafting recruitment strategy. Following exercises and tools play an important role to standardize recruitment process and overall strategy.

  • o   Creating Job descriptions.
  • o   Designing organizational and departmental Organogram.
  • o   Compensation Benchmarking.
  • o   Manpower Histogram (Phase wise recruitment needs)
  • o   Career paths and development programs.

Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment strategy should be dealing with
·         Lateral Hiring (Experienced)
·         Graduate Hiring (Freshers)

Graduate Hiring Process

Graduate / Fresher hiring is an extremely important task for the organization. Fresh graduates bring new ideas, innovation to the organization and are more likeable to adapt organizational culture. if we want to attract the best available young resources, we should have well defined career paths for young graduates along with ample learning opportunities.
Organisations should be hiring fresh graduates for different roles either by Campus Recruitment or by Walk-in-Interviews of freshers. Though hiring from top institutions has been a norm but focus on the quality of individuals rather than institutions pays off more.

Interview Panel for Campus Hiring
·         Technical Interviewer
·         HR for behavioral skills assessment
                Interviewing Process for Campus Hiring  
o   Company Induction session at Campus

o   Written Test
o   English skills
o   General Knowledge
o   Psychometric Testing
o   Case Studies

o   Group Discussion or Presentation on given topic

o   Personal Interview

Lateral Hiring
First task is to divide manpower requirements into categories based on seniority and place in Organization chart. Manpower could be defined in three ways

o   Senior Level
o   Mid-Level
o   Entry Level

  • ·     Senior Level Recruitments – To be hired from competitor organizations
  • ·     Mid-Level Recruitments – To be hired from competitor organizations or from similar industries.
  • ·   Entry- Level Recruitments -  Highly Energetic, Smart, preferably someone with some relevant experience.

o   From Campus Recruitment
o   From other sources

Recruitment Sources –

Following sources are to be used considering level of mandate open, urgency and cost-effectiveness.

Ø  Existing Database – To create a pipeline of relevant prospective candidates is an important task. Recruitment team should prepare database of the candidates based on following factors.

o   Relevant but Passive candidates
o   Relevant but position don’t exist

There are number of ways to create database, most important being active networking of company recruiters through online or offline resources. Organization’s Recruitment team should be easy to reach and the moment HR gets to know about new requirement, existing database search should always be first thing to source Candidatures. Implementing HR database Management system with HRIS, i.e. taleo, is a costly affair but necessary for long term.
Ø  IJPs (Internal Job Postings) & Networking – IJP is one of the most underrated tool for Recruitment by most of the organizations. If implemented properly this is one of the fastest, trustworthy, and cost-effective way of recruiting manpower. It is about creating a channel for existing employees to refer candidates they know. References should be rewarded by incentives based on level of position closed.
Ø  Headhunting– is an excellent tool for filling Senior Level requirements. Using this for junior positions is not recommended because it is a time-consuming exercise if targeted individual is passive about a job change.
Ø  Job portals - is the best resource available in India for Recruitment solutions and extremely cost effective in the case of large number of recruitments. Mass mailing feature is quite beneficial for conducting Walk in Interviews.,, are other alternatives for attracting manpower and online advertisement of the jobs.
Ø  Manpower Consultants – Empaneling recruitment consultants is another excellent way of recruitments specially when companies want to maintain confidentiality while recruiting. Though I would rather look for strengthening in-house recruitment team instead of using consultants frequently.
Ø  Advertisement – Offline advertisement used to be an effective medium of attracting quality candidates, but rise of internet has replaced this with advertisements on Online Platforms.

Recruitment Process

The steps involved in recruitment process are as follows.

·         New Manpower requisition as per Manpower Planning and budgeting.
·         Sourcing of CVs. (By Above mentioned sources)
·         Initial filtering and Initial Telephonic screening.
·         Psychometric, behavioral, and other testing.
·         Interview with Hiring Manager and HR.
·         Filter down to 3 candidates from the lot.
·         Final Interview with the Authority (if required)
·         Reference checks
·         Negotiations
·         Offer release
·         Follow up for joining
·         Joining and Induction.

Testing and assessment.

We can have different assessment methods and techniques for the recruitment processes. These assessments should be based on following things.

o   Seniority of the position
o   Nature of the Role (Technical, Non-technical)
o   Cost of the Test
o   Time Consuming
o   Urgency of the role.

Nature of assessments

o   Face to Face Interview (Technical or behavioral)
o   Language proficiency
o   Technical written tests
o   Behavioral, psychometric written tests
o   Case study solution
o   Presentation on the topic.
o   Online tests (Mettle, Belbin etc.)
o   Group assignment or assessment at work

Vendor Management

Vendor Management is an underestimated domain in most of the organizations, but if managed properly, it could be extremely helpful in making Recruitment process cost effective, faster, smoother and could enhance overall effectiveness of the function.
Following factors and exercises make vendor management effective

Ø  Standardization of contracts and terms
Ø  Articulation of Vendor Management Policy.
Ø  Classification of vendors – Some vendors are good in Fresher recruitments and some are specialized in Senior level recruitment.
Ø  Overall Evaluation and assessment before contract.
Ø  Timely performance and services review.
Ø  Retain performers but add new vendors as well.
Ø  Maintaining relationships even if collaboration is less.
Ø  Gap identifying exercises with vendors.
Ø  Rewards for high performers.
Ø  Terms review and renegotiations every year.

Conclusive words -  Recruitment is no doubt one of the most important activity to decide the success of the organization. Having the right person at the right time at the right cost, makes a Recruitment strategy successful. Organization needs to consider Recruitment and overall HR function as profit center rather than a cost center.  Recruitment strategy of any organization should be based on overall business plans and it should be flexible enough in case overall business strategy changes.
I am a firm believer of a strong Internal recruitment team instead of outsourcing the process. Recruiters are face of the company, they work as Brand ambassadors instead of Jobs sellers. A strong Recruitment team enhances the EVP (Employee Value Proposition) hence Brand Image of the company.

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on the people not strategies”

Anupam Sharma