Monday, June 29, 2020

Rejection (24th June 2020)

You are never #rejected in an #interview by a company, you are rejected by the individuals.

And sadly, Individuals are #flawed.

I remember going for an interview for a company called Pilot Industries Ltd. The HR Head grilled me for 2 hours, spoke of everything in the world, we discussed Salary, joining, and all the other formalities.

Later he made me meet one of the promoters from the family, this guy asked me a simple but #meaningful question "What is your name"?

He did not ask me another question, thanked me for coming and that's it, I was rejected.

Perhaps he did not like my Shirt color/pattern, CV font, or perhaps my #Brahmin Surname. In these cases, views of the HR Head did not matter.

Some Interviewers are #racist, some are #sadists, some hate one #gender and some are idiots. And yeah some of them are simply flag bearer of #Nepotism.

Never get hurt for any rejection because people who are rejecting you are not capable to judge you, at times they interview you for some absolutely irrelevant role.

Nevertheless, It is the Interviewers' responsibility to create an environment of ease while interviewing. If you feel tortured and tensed after an Interview, guys, these guys don't deserve you. Come back later, when these idiots are dead.

Anupam S Shlok

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Caste Reservation (6th June 2020)

To be eligible for Reservations I have to claim that I am from "Neech Jaat", I know people having paid lakh of rupees to get a neech jaat #certificate.

How flaunting lower cast will remove #Casteism from this country? This stamp "Aarakshan se aaya hai" undermines the achievement of the Lower cast.

In the name of 'Positive #discrimination', the #constitution has allowed policymakers to be legal #racists. Imagine, a person from the General category has to explain to his children that he is suffering because of his Oonchi jaat & someone from neechi jaat took what he deserved. Why won't this kid consider Oonchi jaat his #identity and hate lower caste?

Reservation essentially means creating an #unequal society.

When a woman asks an old man to get up from a reserved Mahila seat, she is accepting that she is weak.
Availing #benefits of reservation means accepting that your caste is lower than others, so how do you expect an #equal society when people accept that they are weak & not equal to others. Why snatching the #opportunities from someone & giving to someone else is considered #Equality?
Are #Dalits not Billionaire, Poor Brahmins not committing suicide? Why can't we remove all classes/Castes and identify with only two, RICH & POOR?



This is one of the response I got

I think our society has not come over from the hangover of superiority complex spcly if you belong to the category of a higher caste, and no laws or govt can change ever the mentality of higher caste category ppl for being so called superior, and the reservation is a by product for being harassed by other higher caste ppl, for an example if we say reservation system should be abolished .and lets keep everyone equal. so here Equal means A is equal to A, socially , mentally, economically in all aspects, So how many Kshtriya , Brahmin, Vaishya wants that shudra community should perform their Yagyopavit (janeu sanskar), or marriage, rituals , and death rituals, how many will accept it, may be 99% will not accept it, specially in death rituals how many will agree that their deceased one will get moksh if rituals are performed by one of the so called lowest caste, None.. so if a women demands her seat in bus , its not because she is weak but coz its her right to do so, its weird thinking that socially, mentally we want to be on higher side, but raise the question if some one got benefited economically. So i think reservation system must be abolished along with caste system, only one surname Hindu, but how many of the upper caste are ready?

And this is How I responded.

I don't agree with most of the points made, because in my experience, meeting people for the last 30+ years, having traveled to 28 states & UTs in India did not find a single person discriminating against anyone because of Caste. No one ever asked my caste b4 allowing me to enter the temple, No one ever asked a Pandits name before any Pooja/ Yoagyopavit/Death rituals. So what you are saying is your personal experience or you have become a victim of Propoganda, I am not sure. Still, if you remain on what you have said, let me tell u that Most of India are not bothered about your caste. Actually, they can't even tell who belongs to which caste. The only time we mention our castes for some significant purposes is in Government forms, where we do it so we can be discriminated against & can be avoided for giving benefits. So, In short, what you are saying is not correct and does not portray the majority of this country correctly. Bus Seat is Women's right-Yeah Right, because of Racist Laws. In Nazi Germany, Hitler made killing Jews in concentration camps his Right. The racist constitution can't replace common sense. However, I completely agree with the "Reservation system must be abolished along with the caste system".The caste system was racist so is Reservation.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Boycott China (31/05/2020)

Why Indian #CorporateWorld is #Spineless?

#Chinese are sitting at our Door, ready for war, already captured 3 km of our territory, wondering why no outrage over #China’s incursions in #Ladakh?

Don't expect the Government to provide guidelines. WTO membership, respect for institutions, and the weak economy won't allow them for outright Decision Making. But what we #Indians are afraid of?

Why our souls are for sale, why Profit making is more important than our country?

Forget about the deception of Xiaomi India realme OnePlus OPPO #Vivo, but what about following Indian Companies with Chinese Investments making them rich?

Big Basket
Ola (ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd)
Dailyhunt (Eterno Infotech Pvt. Ltd.)


If you think this is against the free spirit of trade and commerce, and it's Ok to betray your soldiers, do a Google search to find out what all is ban in #China.

Do you know more companies with Chinese Investments? Please share in the comment section.


#BoycottChina #BoycottchineseProducts #UninstallChineseApps

Attached - Chinese Mouthpiece threatens India.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

आखिर कब आएगा घर वाला स्टेशन? (27/05/2020)

सड़को पर चटाई बिछा के चिलचिलाती धूप में घर परिवार जोड़े-बैठे,गांव जाने की चाह में तकती हुई गरीबों की आँखे,अब थकी-थकी सी नज़र आती हैं!

जिन्होंने अपनी हड्डियों को गला-गला के इन पूँजीपतियों (Capitalists)को करोड़पति बनाया, ये संवेदनहीन लोग इन्हे दो महीने का सहारा नहीं दे सके? जिन्होंने तुम्हारी ऊँची इमारतों को बनाने के लिए रेते में सीमेंट के साथ अपना खून भी मिलाया,क्या उनके बच्चों को मुसीबत के वक़्त खाना देने तुम्हारी जिम्मेदारी नहीं थी?

जब भी बिल्डिंग से नीचे उतरता हूँ ये हज़ारो की तादाद में इखट्टी आशाएं मुझसे चुपके से पूछ लेती हैं,"क्यों अनुपम मियां,अब हमारी मज़बूरियों की फोटो खिंच के पोस्ट लिखोगे न"?मैं कहता हूँ हाँ,इन मरी हुई आत्माओं वाले जिंदा लोगो को जिन्दा करने के लिए जो बन पड़ेगा करूँगा.

कल बॉस को फोन किया की सर मेरी बिल्डिंग के नीचे हज़ारो आदमी भेड़-बकरियों की तरह पड़े हैं,अपने Plant में क्यों न लेले इनको,पर उनकी मजबूरी की उन्हें "Relevant Experience" चाहिए!

इन लोगों का दोषी अदृश्य वायरस नहीं है,इनके दोषी सरकारें हैं, Industrialists हैं,आप-मैं हैं,वो संस्थाओं हैं जो एक बार १०० लोगों को खाना देकर हज़ार फोटो निकालती हैं!

कभी सोचता हूँ सड़को पे पड़े ये लोग ये,महिलाये,बच्चे सुबह टॉयलेट कैसे जाते होंगे, नहाते कहाँ होंगे? क्या उन मकान मालिकों की आत्मा मर गयी थी जब इन सबको सड़को पे धकेला!

शायद हाँ आत्मा तो शायद हम सबकी ही मर चुकी है


Thursday, May 21, 2020

#Unblocking Connections (28th April 2020)

This girl had blocked me a year back when I was at home not working, saying I was a pervert, my social media posts & the way I think had no class. Also, I did not deserve to be a friend of any woman whatsoever.

Yesterday, I received her Facebook request & a message on WhatsApp, asking about my well-being first and later telling me that she has lost her job due to COVID & If I could help her with some references if possible.

Guys, the time approaching us is a testing one. Common sense says a number of people will lose means of earning & new job creation is going to be the last thing happening.

In these times, a lot of people, if you are a possible help, will try to get in touch, maybe some old connection you never liked or did not deserve help, but please don't judge them on your past experience, please help them as much as you can.

Unblock connections, ask them if they are fine if they need any support. Some people are so bad in articulating need of help. Entertain each one with compassion even if you are not possibly helping.

What if we are the ones needing help?

But believe me, in no time we will be living in a better world, a world dominated by care, respect & love for each other.

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।


Capitalist World under Corona Threat (20-May-2020)

In this capitalist world, don't expect a capitalist to suffer. One who suffers is a hashtagworker, a salaried, one who earns hashtagwages. Yes, the world is in trouble, companies have a hard time surviving. But if some capitalist has earned hashtagProfits for years isn't this is his hashtagMoral responsibility to take care of those who have helped him to earn those profits in these years. Why is he not thinking twice before throwing them out? Isn't it painful to see workers on roads going back to hometowns in most inhuman ways? Why are they going, why those companies are not taking care of them? Hardly organizations had followed the government order to pay wages in hashtaglockdown, and if it wasn't enough, the hashtagSupremeCourt ruled against it. SC can see the losses to capitalists but can't see the pain of Workers. Who dies of workplace tragedies? A worker. Who spends a lifetime to make an organization thriving? A worker. But organizations could not see a couple of months wages going into the pockets of that worker. Dear Narendra Modi, 1) Identify who have died on the roads because of job loss. 2) Find out where were they working. 3) If the Organisation were in profits for the last 3 years, charge the hashtagManagement with Murder. Anupam hashtagAnupamism

Monday, April 27, 2020

China's loss is not India's gain (27th April 2020)

Indian government was expecting that an Anti-China emotion around the globe will actually help us and companies who are planning to move out of China will come to India. That means COVID-19 will help us in becoming Manufacturing hub of the world.

Though, I never liked the idea of becoming manufacturing hub, because this essentially means you are outsourcing the pollution of developed countries and in long run ruining our future generations. China is a master in deception, still whatever the studies we have come across, they have paid a huge price to become manufacturing destination in Pre-COVID world.

However, given the economic scenario, if that happens, it's good for India to face some challenging times approaching us.

But, now the news is, India is not the priority for these companies. Companies who are moving out of China are going to Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and other developing countries and not India.


Bureaucracy, Ease of doing business Ranks, Unrest in Civil society, our Preparation, Infrastructure, Technology etc.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Corona Threat (20-Mar-2020)

Whenever I pay 1 extra rupee for a #Mask or #Sanitizer, I hate #Capitalism even more. Whoever considers this situation as a business opportunity, is sick to the core.

Corona threat, for me, is just a reminder that nature is the ultimate boss. All the development, Technology, & anything which can be bought by Money are so fragile and momentary.

Whoever is reading this, most probably already has lost significant savings in the Stocks, Mutual Funds, etc. And if the hypothesis is to be believed each and every human being will get affected by this Virus and "Natural Selection" will choose who lives and who does not. In short, every individual life will get hampered by a being that is so small that it can not be seen by naked eyes.

They say #Vegetarians are better equipped biologically to tackle this. I am a vegetarian but this does not give me a cushion of comfort. However, I am indeed happy for better eating habits developed. We, humans, are so obsessed with Human-centric mindset that everything else existing on this planet is to serve us, and only "We are here for some noble purpose". Every life is equally important, be it human life or an ant or Cockroach.

This moment has revived my old belief that "The most beautiful thing about life is life itself."


Thursday, April 2, 2020


What is the fatality rate of Corona Infection cases ?

3 % ... 4% ... this is what they are telling you right?

If I look at the data available at this time at (Worldometer) on 2nd April 2020 @ 5:00 PM . There are total of 9,50,639 confirmed cases , out of which 48,289 are confirmed deaths . This means total death percentage is roughly 5%.

But is this the true figure ?

In this 9,50,639 cases,Active cases are 6,99,719 .Who in the world can predict that how many of these people will recover or will be dead?

This confirmed death figure of 48,289 is out of the closed cases which are 2,50,920 . In this number, 2,02,631 people have recovered and remaining 48,289 are dead. So the actual Death % straight away jumps to 19.23%

Now, as we will practically not have any medicine for Corona for almost one year (USATODAY) and Corona virus kills its infected victim in almost 20 days. It is easy to conclude that in next 20 days , which will be 22 April , we will have at least another additional 1,34,346 death worldwide out of the 6,99,719 Active cases. Remember, this does not include a single new case we will have after 5:00 PM on 2nd April 2020.

This also does not consider the fact that Corona Virus reappears in 14 % of the patients who have been discharged. (INDIATIMES)

Following list shows the percentage of the deaths in closed cases and predicts country wise deaths out of the Active cases. Important to note that in country like UK, recovery % is very low and death rate is very high, almost 95 % , and in country like Germany where death rate is 4.7 % , which means though UK have 26,000 Active cases and Germany have 58,000 , number of deaths in UK are going to be much much more than Germany. If we follow our Calculation method , USA will have have 78,688 deaths in next 20 days , even if we don't find a single new case.

In countries like India , it is extremely tough to predict anything based on the data available on account of number of the identified cases have been very low. This could be sign of impact of early lockdown of the country or we have failed to identify the actual cases as of now. If ,Unfortunately, India also reaches to those figures where USA, Italy or Spain have reached , the % of death cases will go up from current 28% , simply because we are absolutely incapable to handle medical emergency of this volume. Hey and what about those regular patients whose beds have been taken over by Corona patients? How will we count collateral damage to the patients who are suffering from other diseases ? Heart Attacks and Brain  haemorrhage , how will we deal with the situation where every ICU bed is occupied by Corona patients ?

Have not we started hearing people committing suicide because they find Corona Symptoms in themselves ? (AMARUJALA)

Haven't people have started choosing death over financial difficulties in coming times?(INDIATIMES

Yes , it has been said , written and told thousand times by thousand people, but believe me this crises is capable to damage every single thing Humanity has achieved in the past decades .We don't know how will we react if economic crises worsens and stretches.What if resources are not free flowing?

What if China is actually responsible to start this and we see a million deaths ? Isn't World War 3 on the table?

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Government or God ?(07-11-2019)

Which 'G' is more dangerous? Which statement is hashtagsafer "I don't believe in God" or "I don't love my country"? God does not bother me much nowadays. People, once in a while, do try to convince me of its idiotic existence but they are manageable. They have mostly stopped killing us, as they were doing all these years of bloody history. But how do you deal with those who are killing, dying for a geographical entity temporary in nature? Millions died for USSR, where is hashtagUSSR now? We are born & from the first day, we are brainwashed to love a small piece of the planet, called a hashtagnation . Why you need a nation? Why can't I love this whole world and not a specific country? Why our presence in other 'Nations" require approvals of some hashtagPolitical idiots? Why Visa? Why I am expected to die for the love of this geographical identity? I am hashtaglife, a living organism, why we have become a hashtagpolitical and hashtagsocial entity nothing else? I am an independent life & I genuinely think hashtagDemocracy or hashtagMonarchy or any form of political arrangement which is to dictate or rule others is absolutely shit. I did not choose any idiot to decide about my life. I did not choose to pay hashtagTaxes. You know Black Mirror? I feel like "hashtagBing" of 15 million merits. Anupam S Shlok hashtagAnupamism

Saturday, November 2, 2019

मैं राष्ट्रगान पर खड़ा नहीं होता।(30-Oct-2019)

छोटों को मां बाप के पैर छूने ही चाहिए, ये सम्मान का प्रतीक है। पर अगर वो नही छूते तो पड़ोसियों को हक़ नहीं मिल जाता उन्हें पीटने का। आप अपनी इच्छा से भारतीय नहीं बने, कोई भी अपनी इच्छा से अपनी पसंद की जगह पैदा नहीं होता। आप किसी भी एक Random जगह पैदा हो जाते हो, और उस देश की सरकारें आपको उस देश से प्यार करने के लिए ,जान देने के लिए तैयार करती हैं। ना वो देश आपका चुनाव था, न उस देश में चलने वाले कानून आपने चुने थे। पर समाज को सुचारू रूप से चलाने के लिए ये जरूरी है कि लोग एक विचारधारा को ही मानें। हालांकि इस समाज का हिस्सा बनना भी आपका चुनाव नही था। राष्ट्गान मुझे एक तो आधा समझ नहीं आता , दूसरा मुझे लगता है वो काफी खराब लिखा गया है। उतना ही ख़राब जितने रामायण के कुछ श्लोक, क़ुरान की कुछ आयतें, या बाइबिल के कुछ वर्स लिखे गए है।अब आप जबरदस्ती मुझे मारपीट कर कहेंगे, कि नही इसका सम्मान करो इसपे खड़े हो जाओ तो हो सकता है में डर के आपकी बात मान लूँ , पर आप मेरे विचार को मेरे अंदर से कैसे निकालेंगे। पंजाब , सिंध, गुजरात , मराठा... ये "सिंध" कहाँ पड़ता है बे....? इन ठेठ राष्ट्रवादियों से कहो कि पहले सिंध भारत में मिला लें उसके बाद हम अर्बन नक्सलो को धमकाए राष्ट्र के चिन्हों के सम्मान के लिए। अग़र राष्टवाद के नाम पे राष्ट्रगान थोपना सही है, तो तमिलनाडु पर हिंदी थोपा जाना, बिहारिओं को मराठी के लिए पीटा जाना भी सही है। Anupam S Shlok hashtagAnupamism

Friday, November 1, 2019

Delhi ka Darinda (31-Oct-2019)

Oh, we all hated that allegedly pervert hashtagSaravjeet. That guy who supposedly hashtagsexually abused this innocent college going girl at a public place. This 'brave' girl somehow clicked his photograph & posted on Fb to expose his bad intentions. Surprisingly, the judge, after 4 years of continuous hate towards him, found him "hashtagNotGuilty". Crime against women is a shame for a civilized society but do you have any clue how many crimes registered of that nature are hashtagfake? A simple google search will tell you that, in an endeavor to make this Society "Equal" we are pulling Male down. I personally know at least 10 women who have divorced husbands for various reasons but to make husband's life vulnerable, registered dowry case against them, obviously to claim huge alimony. Do you know how many Rape cases are actually fake? Dear women, you understand this that consensual sex which does not reach to marriage is not always rape by man, you know that right? Do you watch hashtagBigBoss? This fraud feminist Debolina, scared of strongest contestant Siddharth Shukla, threatening to use hashtagMeToo against him. I mean, is she the only woman thinks that way? Haven't we all faced this at least once in life? I hashtagrespect women but only those who deserve it. Anupam S Shlok hashtagAnupamism