Monday, 19 February 2018

Friends are not forever(19-Feb-2018)

We were the best friends for 18 years. We did schooling & College together, shared the best & worst time together. I was the "Postman" of his Love letters which he wrote to his girlfriend (Now wife). The secret is,I dictated him all the words, commas and full stops. In those 18 years, I never spent a single rupee when he was around. He had paid my college fee several times. He also dropped one year of his college because I was on Hospital bed. Now we both are a family man. I have started realizing that he is a son of top businessman & I work 9 to 7 to take care of my family. Whenever we both meet for a family get together, I pay the bills. Whenever he pays I feel he wants to make me feel embarrassed, but when I pay, my monthly budget goes hay way. That's why I don't like meeting him. Whenever he smiles in front of me, I feel more average.  I have actually started hating him. I have stopped liking his pics of International family trips on FB & Insta, the day he liked all the 89 pics I uploaded when I went to Agra with my wife. I felt he was laughing at me on my Mediocrity. Now, I make friends who are also middle class not "Rich" like him.  "Why did he become rich"?...But he always was. Anupam S Shlok #Anupamism

Saturday, 17 February 2018

What is most important in Life? (17-Feb-2018)

More #Study=More #Marks? More #Marks=Better #Career? Better #Career=More #Money? More #Money=More #happiness? Not even a single fact is established.  A number of hours of study do not give you a better score. Why is the childhood of our kids killed by pressurizing them studying all the time? We have countless examples of tycoons who are dropouts. Why we can't get rid of this obsession of scoring highest marks?  The kind of money #Bitcoin has given in no time, people with a flourishing career could not earn in a lifetime. Why our Life starts and End with aiming a decent Looking career? Richest of the Richest are suffering from stress, depression. Why we sacrifice happiness for earning more & more money? Is not something wrong with our understanding of life?Is not happiness the ultimate goal?Are not we overrating something which does not deserve such priority in our life?What is the most beautiful thing in life? Life itself. Should not we be cheerful by the fact that we are Life? What is more significant? Using Apple instead of Lava Phone? Smiling instead of the stressed face of your kid? Will you sell you Lifetime happiness to me for a Billion Rs.?Will you give all of your money to me if I promise you a cheerful Life? Anupam S Shlok #Anupamism

Motivation vs Opportunity (17-Feb-2018)

Assistant #Professor from a 3 tier #Engineering & #MBA college called me & requested me to deliver a "#Motivational lecture" for the students. I asked her what does she mean by "Motivational Lecture"? She replied,"Students should feel good & Secure about their future career after the Lecture". I wondered & said, "But that's not the truth, Life is not a bed of roses outside." Do we have ample jobs for them?NO. Do we have ample funds for their startup ideas?Absolutely No Btw what is success ratio of Startups? 2%,3%or 5%. Are they skilled enough & equipped for Innovation? The worst thing this country has done is not developing Research attitude in the education. More than motivation they need opportunities. Make sure whenever they get opportunities they exploit. The motivation for "Winning the world" & "False hopes" are dangerous. Make them fearful of outside world, make sure first thing they think is to repay loans on education their poor parents have taken. Prepare them for facing the reality & Reality is harsh. Even if each of them is equally motivated, only a handful of them will make it big. Last month, Father of an "ambitious" Son committed suicide in my neighbourhood. He wanted to change the world & he used his poor father's money for that.
Anupam S Shlok #Anupamism

3 ways to Learn (17-Feb-2018)

There was a time when I wanted to Become #Amitabh Bachchan. I was doing extensive theatre & learned #Acting for two long years. I failed, that's why I am writing my words for myself on #Linkedin and not some reporter on Tabloid.

One thing which always remained with me is to "How to develop a character", which fits well with almost all the Learnings of Life.

You Learn by 3 ways

1) Experience
2) Observation 
3) Imagination 

The best way to Learn is by doing. But life is short and experiencing opportunities are limited. How do you learn to invest in Stocks?You do by researching about it, observing the moves. 90% of us who want to learn stock trading by doing are in losses.

My favourite is imagination because this gives an immense opportunity to Learn almost everything. But this does not work alone, it has to be aligned with experience + Observation.

How do aliens look?
Who will be the top scorer of #IPL2018 ?
Who will win 2019 Elections?

We already have some answers to these questions.

Liars are those who say Imagination does not take you anywhere, Truth is you don't go anywhere without Imagining.

You Imagine and walk the Unknown.

Lastly, did I tell you that even if you fail you learn something? Like I learned from my Failed #Bollywood dreams.

Anupam S Shlok

Friday, 16 February 2018

Shipra Di (11-Feb-2018)

I was 20-21 when I started working with a Recruitment consulting in Delhi. We were 17 people & I was the only male. Things were really good, one of my colleagues became my GF as well. :-) And then that fateful day, I had a small altercation with "Shipra di" on some small issue pertaining to calling up a client. She was 35-36, married, seemed extremely nice to me. I used to call her "Di" (Elder sister) & she would treat me like a younger brother. The small altercation became big, and she left the office before time. In the evening I realized that I should not have spoken to her that way, not because who was wrong or Right but simply because she was elder to me. I called her to say sorry, she did not pick. I eventually messaged her saying "I AM SORRY DI" Next morning, our Director called me & explained, Shipra di had blamed me for "Sexual Harassment", that time I did not know what exactly was that. But he explained that this was serious and a  "Crime". I got to know I was giving "Sexual hints" to her for some time & she had already spoken with her Husband as well. I was dumbstruck. She came to the office, cried, I said sorry to her in front of everyone. She had a "Kind heart" she forgave me. BUT... From that day, I stopped calling her "Di". Anupam Sharma Shlok #Anupamism 

Do you love what you have? (11-FEB-2018)

#You are 34 As a cricketer, you have approached your retirement age. You are too young to become President of India. #You scored 90 percentile in CAT Most B- Schools will take you. Best B-Schools will not take you. #Your caste is under the Reserved category. Congrats, Much easier to get into Top education institution, getting a decent Job. People have Prejudices against you.They don't consider you worth even if you top General Merit. #You are Retired and last drawn salary was 40 thousand. Freshers get more than you. You earned more than 90% population. #You are in India. You dream of migrating to US, Australia, Canada. People in Iraq, Syria, Palestine are jealous of your life. #You have 2 BHK flat at suburban & you are retired. People buy 4 BHK in Posh Locality when they are 30. People are born and die on Roads. It does not matter what you have.Important is are you satisfied with what you have. On one hand desires are Limitless, On the other hand, Life has its own way to tackle your arrogance. Let God take care of what he chooses to give you. Only thing what is in your control is #Karma. Key - Read #Geeta.If you don't have it, ask me. Leave your email Id here, I'll be happy to mail you. 😁😁😁😁 Anupam Sharma Shlok #Anupamism

Do you want to reach the top? (13-Feb-2018)

Remember, "Top" is a lonely place. You sacrifice your relations to be there. You miss the opportunity to laugh with the people who should really matter in your life, people who love to see you grow.  When you reach the top, People you interact with, look appreciative of what you have achieved but they want to "Replace you" by hook & Crook. The whole History is a witness of the point that "Top" is not a safe place to be. Would you prefer dying as a relatively poor but "Jindadil " or as a Super Rich but "Alone" & "Insecure"? "People with Knowledge" were the most respected bunch of people in the Ancient world."People with Power" were the most respected bunch in the last centuries.This time belongs to "People with Money". But never forget to "Live" while earning "Livelihood" Cheers!! The most beautiful thing in the Life is Life itself. Anupam Sharma Shlok #Anupamism

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Numbers lie (15-Feb-2018)

#Sachin scored 18426 runs in 463 matches with batting average of 44.83 #Kohli has already scored 9459 in 207 matches with an average of 57.32. Statistics suggests Kohli a way better batsman. But Statistics does not tell you that Sachin scored these runs against Macgrath, Lee, Wasim, Waqar, Shoaib, Warne, Murli, Ambrose, Vaas, Donald. And Kohli scored against...? Statistics, Numbers are important but often Misguide. Scoring 70% Marks in 12th is good or bad? Ask someone who has passed 12th from UP board before 2005. I saw someone abusing his 12000 connections on #Linkedin for not helping him in getting a job. I still remember writing a #Facebook post when my Saving Account showed me 100000 Rs. for the first time. A billion Dollar company- Sounds good? What if the same company was 4 Billion Dollar Last year. Death of a 65 Years old, has completely different meanings in Japan & Angola. Your Bank Balance, Marksheets, CTC, ROI, Demat, Credit score all should look good, but these factors do not decide meaningfulness of your life. Our Life has become an obsession to improve all these numbers & statistics, without realizing that the most blissful people we know remained untouched of this silliness. Do you think you were born to count numbers? Anupam S Shlok #Anupamism

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Which Category are you?(6-Feb-2018)

Most #Intelligent people in this world are already out of world's reach. The first thing they realize is "It's all meaningless".(Obviously, they are not on #Linkedin)

#Mediocre see dreams, fight with other mediocre to Rule or impress a significant population, & want to sell Services, Products, Talent to them.

Remember, anyone who claims "I am #dumb", is not. 

Interestingly, the Real potential is the #Confused category. They, at times, feel "What are we doing, it's all meaningless", 5 minutes later they motivate themselves to establish most innovative organization Human history has ever seen. And while saying this, they think they are not Dumb.

I am a Proud #Confused.

Anupam Sharma Shlok