Thursday, 19 April 2018

Recruiters or Keywords Searchers (18-Apr-2008)

The recruiter from that company asked this Marketing champ,"Who is the Father of Modern Marketing"? This guy humbly responded, "Madam, Sorry but I don't know." "Ok, we'll get back to you if you are shortlisted for the next round." she uttered and disconnected. "hahaha, this guy is having 20 years of experience and does not know basic things, I don't know who is paying him 60 lakhs," she told her co recruiter while laughing loudly. The humble guy called the CEO of Recruiter's company, " Hey Ajay, your recruiter called me, I showed interest but I think she rejected me" "What are you saying Sunil, if you agree to take Chief Marketing Officer's Role with us, I can extend our Budget to 1cr + Profit sharing. We all know you are the best in the industry. Please join us." Ajay was excited while saying this. "I'll definitely think of it yaar" Sunil promised before disconnecting. Believe me, most of the recruiters have no clue about the business. Take back those well-drafted keywords from Job descriptions and they are dead. Does it make sense that a Non-Engineer, rejects an Engineer based on a 3 minutes telecon in which Non- Engineers asks 5 Technical questions (Copied from Google search)? Have you come across those Recruiters? Share your experience. Anupam S Shlok #Anupamism

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Alpha Employees (14-Apr-2018)

In any organization, Smartest people are the toughest to handle, they don't fit in stereotype protocols of the organizations. These people don't sleep before 3 AM so don't expect them to be at the office always in time. These people get frustrated easily, they have strong opinions, which they are not shy to utter. At times they behave strangely, at times they are unpredictable. Some use strong language, some are mostly mum. They get irritated easily, they irritate others constantly.

Most of the organizations are not designed to accommodate them, but still, they exist in organizations. True leaders should identify these people and develop subjective ways to get benefited from this "breed of people".

Indeed, they are tough to handle but as good and productive as 100 "Not So Smart" employees.


Possible Traits - Multilingual, Always updated about the world, Would explain the toughest concepts easily, Either strong Non-believer or Strong Believer, Bibliophile, Extremely quick Learner, pathetic Dress sense, 50% employees of the organization absolutely Love them, 50 % absolutely hate them, dreamers & Many more

Anupam S Shlok

P.S. I welcome disagreement. The post is based on personal Observation and Analysis

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Sexless World (10-Apr-2018)

When you are at work, your sex, Male or female should not matter. This world should have equal opportunities and no biases based on sexual organs. Your Receptionist, Kiran, is a boy or girl is meaningless. Important is productivity and efficiency. Sexual organs are only relevant in your Bedroom.It has no relevance at your workplace or any public place or for that matter anywhere else. I hope for a world where there is no column for Sex declaration in any Application form. A world where "Female President", "Female Astronaut", "female Train Driver" should never be a headline. Women do not need you to empower them, they are capable enough to empower themselves. What they need is freedom from our weird, awful expressions when they achieve something. They don't need your help in taking care of luggage when they travel, actually,y they dont need you to take care of anything for them. They don't need your guidance, they dont need your sympathy. They need justifiable right on resources and most importantly they need you to behave yourself. Anupam S Shlok #Anupamism

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Celebrate Life (10-March-2018)

We all are not equally blessed that's why we all have our Unique #Journeys. Do you have a defined concept of "#Success"? Have you formulated that one-liner which describes your idea of success"? "I want to become ...." People lie when they say "Believe in what you want to achieve & you will get what you want" Truth is, Most of us don't touch our success benchmark in our lifetimes.  You know what, in the process of achieving that ultimate goal, you cross numerous success crossovers, but you do not celebrate, you do not celebrate your journey. We all are not destined to become #BillGates, #AmitabhBachchan or #NarendraModi. Yes, Great goals give greater motivation but whatever you are today, you are already living a dream life of someone. Are you an unemployed Engineer?  Someone could not afford to study after school. Are you a struggler singer? Someone is born deaf and dumb. Has your startup failed? At least you had one. Don't wait to celebrate until you don't achieve that "Big thing", perhaps you are not destined to get that "Big thing". Celebrate small successes, celebrate every moment, celebrate life. The most beautiful thing in the life is Life itself.  Celebrate, because you are #Life. Anupam S Shlok #Anupamism

Friday, 9 March 2018

What sites we Indians visiting the most .(9-March-2018)

Based on Alexa Rankings

1) - Google Baba ki Jai
2) Youtube - Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment
3) - Hail Google baba
4) Facebook - Connecting India
5) Yahoo - Surviving Grandly
6) Amazon - At least for window shopping.
7) SBI - Save savings from "Neeravs" & "Modis"
8) Wikipedia - We are born learners.
9) Flipkart -  What happened to the leadership team. 
10) - Origin of "Viral" & "Viral ka sach"
11) IRCTC - BritishRaj memories not in top 10.
12) Indiatimes -  See we understand English.
13) Instagram - We are a youth country.
14) Xvideos - Porn @ 14, hmm not bad.
15) UIDAI - Don't forget to Link your LinkedIn account with Aadhar.
16) SarkariResult - For the people who denied to sell "Pakodas"
17) Cricbuzz - We have moved on. 
18) Linkedin - (Suggest in comments)

Anupam S Shlok

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Retaining Talent (2-March-2018)

#Retention of Talent is a challenge for Modern Organisations. I could think of following factors which play a dominant role in Retention strategy. What are your top three reasons out of following 10 which motivate you to work with your current organization or when you decide to move out? 1) #Money - CTC, fixed, Variable, Tax saving structures, Benefits 2) #JobSecurity - No Hiring, Firing culture. 3) #Recognition - You are given due credit for what you do. 4) #Opportunities - Learning, better role, Foreign assignments ;) 5) #Challenges - Not a monotonous role, New assignments. 6) #WorkEnvironment - People smile, wave, No CC cameras on your head 7) #WorkLife Balance - Distance from home, working Hours. 8) #GoodManagers - "People leave Managers not company" 9) #EmployerBranding - Image of the company in Market. 10) #Financials of the company - Numbers are growing or falling. Feel free to add 11, 12 or 13 Anupam S Shlok #Anupamism

Friday, 2 March 2018

LinkedIn Hypocrisy (November 2017)

These People who update Linkedin Status every day with all the amazing things they have done in long illustrious career, won't even reply to you if you are just another guy if you are of no benefit to them, not a potential customer to them.What they want is your Likes and comments so they would reach far and far. Every morning they translate a random story of Panchatantra or Jataka tales, edit characters, make it more English and feed you.

Be Proud, You are at least a Marketing tool for the individual who has impressed you so much in recent days.

Why we all are seeking help but not ready to offer any if we are capable of.

Dear self-proclaimed XYZ subject Leaders, Motivational gurus, Believe me, 8 out of 10 connections of yours have better writing skills than you, let them realize own Potential once.

Linkedin is a strange place with 2 categories of People.We have individuals who are here for an audience and we bulk of individuals who look for sales, jobs, customers through Linkedin. Both are not interested in what other side is interested in. Still, they appear "Interested"

Aah, I don't know what I am trying to say. Happy Surfing. You just wasted some more time reading this

Anupam S Shlok

That LinkedIn guy is dead ( November-2017)

Have you ever thought of that connection who used to ping you regularly asking for opportunities in your organisation?

The guy you found extremely irritating.

Do you know this guy committed suicide yesterday? He had no money but had a family to feed.

He could not take more rejections.. That guy is dead.

Imagine if Private sector be a bit responsible and rather giving insane salaries to already overpaid B-Schoolers hire these people who are capable but unfortunate. Dont increase your payroll amount but distribute well with kind heart.

Why cant CSR be hiring people who need to be hired?

Dear HR leaders, be a flagbearer, make policies of your organisations to make this world a better place. Our constitution demands us to be a socialist. Help people as much as you are capable of. No one would remember you for your campus drives once you are retired.

Anupam S Shlok

PS - Based on True incident.