Tuesday, 27 September 2016

#Pink a completely shame , pathetic movie..!!(27-Sep-2016)

My Stand- All women does not deserve equal respect.

After listening to all the big talks and great reviews about this completely shit movie.I,like always ,am choosing to write here out of my frustration about building a false narrative by so called liberals .Everyone is free to argue in civilized manner.
Since the time immemorial . two categories were very clear in the society.#Good and #Bad . Now what Pink wants is "close this gap". A woman be Good or Bad , all should have equal respect. What Kind of crap it is. Some girl who has been nasty all her life, doing all the shit possible, slept with her bosses all her life to get promotions, abused all relation even with her mother and father , why should I respect her equal to someone who has been just a perfect girl who work hard 12 hours a day to get 10,000 rs.a month to take care of her family but not sells her #Dignity & #Morality , does not compromise for her ambitions, chooses not to become alcoholic or wear invisible cloths to show how western she is.
Why they should have equal respect ?A bitch is a bitch , why should she have equal respect.
#SunnyLeone = #SushmaSwaraj? Is this the logic ?Both should get equal respect because both are woman??.. Nonsense..
Ain't we killing the respect good girls deserve & degrading who want to live with the modesty all of their life.Ain't we telling them that the way you are living is wrong and you should follow these bitches who fuck with each and every one and still get equal respect... No for me "ALL WOMEN ARE NOT EQUAL".this is against the very basic idea of society that #Good people are respected , #Bad suffer ..and I think bad should suffer.
Now another point is to be a #Good boy or #Bad boy all are same ,both have to learn to respect woman . Why should I be feeling guilty for the crime which I have not committed . Why are you demonizing each and everyone Man. Abusing man for each and everything is favorite time-pass for pseudo - liberal feminist.
This country is in serious trouble , there are people who want to change everything exist in the society , Be it Good or Bad they just don't care , they just want to change it and ironically even they do not know what will be the face of this changed society.They are feeding our brains with crap ideas and false ideologies.
I accept that there are problems in our society and the best way is to remove the evil and not to change the very concept of society.
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