Sunday, 30 April 2017

Kashmir belongs to whom?(27-Apr-2017)

Kashmiri Pandits have been thrown out 7 times in the history of Kashmir in last 550 years.Now the question is who are the stakeholders of Kashmir today.
Kashmir does not belong only to Kashmiris it belongs to me. It is a sacred land, if not more not less than Kashi. This is the land of Lord Shiva every inch belongs to him.It belongs to our forefathers, who settled in Kashmir with Sage Kashyapa Kashmir belongs to Patanjali, who by producing Yoga Sutra, change the well-being of the generations forever.It also belongs to Gautam Buddha, whose followers made this place an unmatched learning center for the Ancient world.It belongs to @Yashomati, the first ever Female King(Empress) this planet knew. It belongs to Adi Shankara when he prayed for Goddess Saraswati in Sharda peeth.Kashmir belongs to Sharngadeva who is the father of Hindustani Classical and Karnataka classical music. Kashmir belongs to @Panini who taught us the most Scientific study of grammar exists on the earth.Kashmir belongs to Lalitaditya Muktapida who established Kashmiri Karkoṭa Empire, which was one of the greatest empire world has ever known. Kashmir belongs to Kalhana who showered his devotion to Kashmir in each and every word of Rajtarangini.Kashmir also belongs to @Ranjit Singh and his Khalasa warriors.Kashmir belongs to Ashoka the Great who founded the most beautiful city of the world, Srinagar. Kashmir belongs to Kumārajīva who gave buddha's teaching to China. Kashmir belongs to Abhinavgupta Who taught us PhilosophyMusicAestheticsSpirituality and Theater
KASHMIR DOES NOT BELONG TO PAID STONEPELTERS, who consider themselves son of Sikander Bustikan who destroyed the greatest architecture ever made dedicated to lord Surya, Martand Sun Temple.
It's not just a piece of Land, Kashmir is us, we are Kashmir
जब पंजाब , पंजाब नही था; जब महाराष्ट्र , महाराष्ट्र नही था ; जब बिहार , बिहार नहीं था; जब कर्नाटक, कर्नाटक नही था।
कश्मीर तब भी कश्मीर ही था।
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