Saturday, 6 August 2016

Reality of Casteism in Hinduism...!!(5-Aug-2016)

Current existing Caste system does not belong to Hinduism. A person is a Hindu if he/she believes in the authority of Vedas( Rig Veda, Atharveda, Samveda, yajurveda). The only thing which distribute societies as per guidelines of Vedas are “Varna”, which are Horizontal in nature and not vertical.

The current Vertical Hierarchical system was implemented by Herbert Hope Risley , who unfortunately was a Race scientist , and census commissioner for 1901 census of India . I accept that we are unfortunately still not able to get rid of it even after 70 year of Independence , but its a of social problem. Likewise , Sati Pratha, which became a ritual after Islamic invasion. Single woman were easy prey for Invaders, they would rape them and would send them to “Haram”, so these woman chose to die with the husband death.But eventually it became a normal trend.
No country has tried as much as India has done for this pathetic oppression. Who in the world gives reservation on Job, Education based on caste but India has given to each and every one whose ancestor had been oppressed. Though problem is with the foreign Interventions who glorify all this for there own agenda, primarily for conversions of Hindus . See a small list of the NGOs , whose Headquarters are in Europe and give so called help to these oppressed societies.

India has to fight with known , unknown powers to kill this pathetic enforced system on us by Britishers . But mind you , “India” has to fight , not Hinduism. Because now we have “Dalit Muslim” and “ Dalit Christian” , and these are surprisingly those people who were converted by luring that In Islam & Christianity there is no Caste.
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