Monday, 4 July 2016

Selfie with a Pakistani..!!(3-Jul-2016)

If I don't tell you that this guy is from Pakistan, he looks just an another guy from Rampur or Lucknow. We look same (obviously when I am not bald, otherwise we have similar hairstyles ), we speak almost same language, we wear same kind of cloths . We have similar emotions, we both are sensitive on the same things (obviously except Veg / Non veg eating habits ). We have similar "Gaalliyan" we have similar college life love stories.. He likes Sharukh Khan , I like Aadat.. We sing same songs, our history is similar.. His roots are from Delhi , my roots are from Sialkot . And not from any angel I feel that this guy is gonna harm me at all.
Still by default we are supposed to be different. Just because some "political ideology" thought & thinks that we are different. They have decided for us.They tell us that , you are different and we have no option but to believe them. Even next generations don't have a freedom to choose. They have to continue this game of hatred , blaming one another for no reasons.
Should not we seek end of it, should not we meet at either Lahore, Pakistanor Delhi, India , with no doubts on intentions of each other. Lets promise for two more selfies, one at Hinglaj Mata and another one at Ajmer sharif.
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