Monday, 14 December 2009

Maa - My Mother

My Life,my breath, my existence,
Just Because of you;
My thoughts , my skills, my psyche,
Just Because of you;
I am here ,because you were there,
My care , my love , my adore;
Just Because of you;

Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hurt ,
Sometimes ,I don't know, what to do & what not;
You pamper , you forgive,you forget,
you help,you teach,you correct;
My Vision, my Perception, my instinct,
Just Because of you;
My ambition , my intuition,my intellect;
Just because of you;

I still remember the days,
when i was a kid;
I was naughty & Curious ,
you never thought of get rid;
My childhood, my youth, my conscience ;
Just Because of you;
whatever I am today,
Just because of you....

I am Nowhere

I felt i am nowhere..
Nowhere is this " Does not existed World"..
I Blinked my eyes...
Some Pictures , Some Figures came...
I could not differentiate Between Realm & Dramatic Realm..
All the Bloody hell happening in this world is fictitious..
and what is my existence in this Fictitious World..

I felt i am nowhere..
Nowhere is this " Does not existed World"..
I started Loving...
Every moment, Every human Being,Even Sinner & Hated...
and what they did..
They thought I have a suffering...
They did not believe in my Feelings...
they Presumed i am Masked...

I felt i am nowhere..
Nowhere is this " Does not existed World"....
But that was the moment..
She Came...She Kissed my eyes..
She hold my hands & Kissed them too..
I could not believe on what I had seen, felt & Realized...
She gave me a Hug...
and then she Stabbed.....
I suffered not because of "the Stab"....
But it was a "Stab of Pain"...

I felt i am Nowhere...
and i was right this time...

My first Absurd Poem (21-11-2009)

So, Buddy I am trying to write a poem,
a poem about , "what a poem is all about"
a phrase , an instinct , feeling
or mere some Shattered lines.

I broke some lines into Sentences,
& then some sentences into words;
and finally I had some characters;
But every character was nothing in its own,
this was the magic of the "Architecture"
" Architecture of Words".

But...a big but... a very very Big But....
I was not satisfied with the Definition itself.
I thought ,...indeed i thought...
Yeah...Generally I don't think..

Poem is more then , what i had Concluded..
But.....again but ..."But it was what"?

Sure I am, it is the Sign of Intellectuality.
oops..." I said Intellectual"...
So..." Only Intellectuals can write."
But i am not Intellectual , I am Ultra intellectual...
so, Should i say " i am writing a poem"..
Nops.. " I am playing with the words of Dictionary Only"
that's it...If I am playing with the words,"Poem is a Game"

But...if it is a game then why it is not in Olympics?
oh....Cricket is a game as well..
and even that is not in Olympics..
Eureka!!... poem is very near to Cricket...
But...Is Sachin Tendulkar a poet..
You all are making me Confuse now

Poem is not a is something very very Spiritual..
it is Divine..
But , even my Panditji is very Spiritual ...
Is he a Poem or a Poet?
Nops...He can't even write Poem's 'P'

OK forget about the poem Now..
the Problem is "Bloody English".
let me come on " Kavita...
So.... Kavita is What?
Kavita is an Imagination.
Imagination of....uh...
Imagination of her mom dad i hope.
But....But my mom and can't write a poem.

In Actual , Kavita is very very mysterious..
as RamGopal Verma's New Film...
Do Not wonder, it was a hit...

So here is the Conclusion now...
"If you are free & Mind got a itch;
do the itching, hold a pen ;
think a bit , Visualize some Visualizes
close your eyes & keep your Eyes close,
and try to make a map of "Arabian Sea"
and now open your eyes Gently
hey man...mind you have just created a literature
an epic..
I follow the same Procedure
Thanks...that was the Poem....

Anupam S.

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