Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Can a man be sexually abused?(24-Apr-2019)

The year 2009, I was learning theater at Shri Ram center, Mandi House, Delhi. It was around 7 in the evening and I was waiting for my friend to join me at #Regal cinema, CP.

A car stopped and a decent woman in her early 40s peeped outside from driver seat and asked: "Rohini mein booking leni hai kya"?

Only thing I uttered was 'hain'?

She looked puzzled and asked, "Are you J"?

"No, I am neither J nor K" was my answer.

She left without saying anything.

My friend reached in some time and told me that the black goggles I was wearing in the evening was a 'hint' for her.

Imagine, if the same incident had happened with a girl?

Interestingly, I never felt harassed about it. We actually laughed over it.

I was constantly sexually abused by an adult neighbor girl when I was 5. Believe me, I never got disturbed by this. I pretend to be a victim in my thoughts but actually, I never felt abused.

How fabulously this society has manipulated us that we men can't be abused? Is this manipulation biological or psychological, I don't know?

My Ex-GF literally blackmailed me for a 'last thing' when we broke up because she was always stealing money from my wallet.

Yeah, I feel silly but not abused.

Anupam S. Shlok

Monday, 22 April 2019

Who created Poverty? (22/4/2019)

We created poverty and starvation by creating the structure of society. 

Look around, think, nature had given us in abundance. Nature is only interested in the survival of a species for a certain period. When nature gave us this planet, every species had enough to survive. We were one of the species which completes a food chain. Most probably we were here to feed Female mosquito so they can survive.

But with the enhancement of intellect, we started occupying the homes of others. We started destroying this planet with an assumption that we'll make this a better place to live. (for whom?)

These societies what we have built were homes of Lions, bears, elephants as well but today you want animals either as a pet or you want them in a zoo. We assume that anything existing on this planet is primarily to serve us, religious ideas have hurt this planet the most. GUYS THIS UNIVERSE IS NOT TO SERVE US, WE ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THIS WORLD.

When we were born, nature did not give us any property rights. This means someone took someone rights, someone became rich & other poor. 

You feel bad when you see the poor? But do you give his rights back? No, we love charity, so they don't claim what is theirs.

Anupam S Sharma

Sunday, 21 April 2019

What is good about LinkedIn ? (20-Apr-2019)

1) It consoles me by showing 1000 other messed up individuals, I am not alone. 2) Stalking ex GFs was never this easier. 3) By "Who is visiting you" feature, you know who is stalking you. 4) I have learned to write any story ever in 1300 characters. 8) Making a new connection was never easier. I have 15,000 connections here, 253 in Fb, 224 in Twitter and 171 in Insta. 6) My feed is always stuffed with beautiful viral images of women leaving or joining an organization. (Not sure why no man? ) 7) Limited political posts, thank God very few people talk about NaMo, RaGa. 8) It actually gives the job to few, It actually gives business to few. 9) My best friend actually got married through LinkedIn. 10) The only platform where Actors, Cricketers or Politicians are not the most followed people. 11) 'Few' posts, like this one, make sense. 12) People are always ready with advice. ( Though not help if you are not from hashtagJetAirways) 14) Generally, people don't steal your posts, they share. Do you remember my last year post "What is bad about LinkedIn"? I guess I have come a long way. Anupam S. Shlok hashtagAnupamism

Friday, 12 April 2019

Reverse Psychology (11-4-2019)

#Toilet paper with Vitamin E.😲😲

I was doing my monthly grocery shopping at #Amazon when I came across this product. Yes, I read every word of all the 36 reviews available. Price of the product was Triple of an Average toilet paper.

Do you remember that 100 Rs. Kg. #Puro salt ad featuring #AnilKapoor, which falsely claimed that white salt was unhealthy for Health? But we all trusted them.

"If it is expensive, it must be Better."

Tata #Nano failed because they marketed it as the world's cheapest car. A car is a status symbol in India, but not "Cheapest car".

Now See this,

I never trusted Astrologers, I considered them all cons. But recently I found one astrologer who does not ask for money, even if you wanna give him something he would not accept. When I reached to him one guy was trying to give him keys of a new Innova Car, which he did not accept. Wow.

I showed my hand to him, and he was insanely true about every little thing of my life. He predicted the first alphabet of my wife's name, and in a couple of months, I was with her forever. Bang on.

Interestingly, I found him more trustworthy because he was not asking for any money.

Do you have any other example where you trust some product or service because you don't pay or pay the least?

What phenomena is this?

How do you explain this?

Anupam S. Shlok

Monday, 8 April 2019

Do others change us? (8/4/2019)

"If books and talks could change people, this world would become paradise", this I heard from someone whose talks were changing me drastically.  

Was he Right? Yes, he was. Since we are bound to live in this available society, what we hear the most since childhood is "Morality". But are we Moral beings? You are a liar if you say "Yes". As a little boy, I  had realized that you are what you hide, not what you reveal. 

But I was changing for sure, no doubt about it. Is it because everything is ever changing? People come in our lives as a phase or along with a phase. They don't bring the change, the constant change itself bring them. Our understanding and emotional & psychological needs at that particular moment pick them for us. You like Rock music in college and Ghazals in the old age. Though Rock and Ghazals both were existing all the time. 

"I was confused last night, I panicked & wandered out into the streets. The street dogs, which at first sight barked at me, soon knew I was one of them." this explained the absolute reality of my mind.

Anupam S Shlok

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Friday, 5 April 2019

Life or Dreams (05-04-2019)

My 17-year-old neighbor died yesterday because of a #HeartAttack. He appeared for 12th exams this year. He had scored 97% marks in 10th. Her mother told that the last thing he said before sleeping last night was "Mamma India me Nahi padunga main, bahar jaaunga". Her mother was sleepy that time so asked him to sleep by asking "Chal theek hai chale jana par abhi to so ja"

He never woke up again.

Heart attack to a 17-year-old kid, doesn't this sound insane? I was wondering about his thoughts before his last sleep. 

"UK, US or Canada or perhaps Australia"

"Which course?"

"Only Bachelors or Masters as well"

"A girl he possibly liked"

What if he was given an opportunity to choose "Would you like to live more but as an absolute average? You will be given a life till 80 but you would not be able to achieve any of your current dreams."

Do we dare to tell our children "Hell with if you achieve what they call success. Live your life without taking any stress at all, no pressure of performance. We'll never judge you by your marks, never push you for dancing, singing, GK reality shows, only do it if you enjoy doing it"

I ask you, what is more important, #Life or #Dreams?

Being unemployed is not that bad, at least I am alive :-) 

@Anupam S Shlok

UG Effect , Nihilist me (1-Apr-2019)

This thinking that "We hashtaghumans are here for some grander & hashtagnobler cause" has been the biggest fraud taught to us. Because of this Homo-centric belief, we are overexploiting the resources of the planets which are primarily available for all the species existing here. An ant, a mosquito or Human being, for the Mother earth, all species are equal. However, the kind of harm we are doing to the planet, we are better dead than alive. The laws are made by those who have already stolen which was for all and now to maintain status quo they have created all these institutions, nation, police, army, etc additionally they created morality, God, Karma, and heavens to control the fellow Human species. The universe is not interested in your success or failure story, neither interested in economic growth nor the universe wants you to do something to save it. Nature knows how to create a balance. Doctors , scientists know a bit about us, but what they don't know is immense. I know a 92-year-old homeless 'Mallishwali"' woman who has never visited a doctor in the last 50 years. She does not get food 3 times, forget about vitamin, protein, organic crap. The way we are harming this planet, Humans will be wiped out from earth once we reach 15 billion. Anupam S. Shlok hashtagAnupamism

Now, this is how bad planets influence you? (27-Mar-2019)

5 years back, I messaged a girl on hashtagLinkedin, "HI". She was an HR with a company I was interested to work for. Yesterday she has replied back. "Hey Anu, What's up? Please follow the Link and Vote for my Kid "Alia" and make her the cutest baby. Please ask your connections as well. Thanks in Advance. For the last 24 hours, I am trying to explain to my wife "why I sent a Hi to her" and "who the hell is she to call me Anu". Anupam S Shlok hashtagAnupamism P.S. Based on True Events.

Medicine make you sick ( 4-Apr-2019)

In rural India, it's common to come across 80+ old men and women who are chewing tobacco for the last 60 years or smoking unfiltered Bidi for half a century. Why ain't they dying of Heart attacks or cancers? Doctors have known a bit about our body, but what they don't know is immense. This protein, vitamin, the organic drama is nothing but similar to "Diamond is forever" Marketing gimmick. More medicines you take, more vulnerable you are to diseases. Trust your body, it has a powerful capability to heal itself. I am the only 6+ feet guy in my Locality & interestingly our family is the only pure vegetarian family here. I never had any egg product forget about meat,I hate milk because I feel the dairy industry is unethical & super violent. The only disease once in a year I suffer from is fever, which never crosses 100 mark. They say your brain does not grow if you don't take particular food, from that logic I'll be the dumbest person existing. I mentioned a 90-year-old malishwali in my last post who has never visited a doctor in last 50 years. She hardly gets food 3 times a day, has no home, no protein intake, no balanced diet, but she is one of the healthiest women I have known. "They are making us ill to accommodate new doctors".

Anupam S. Shlok hashtagAnupamism

Monday, 25 March 2019

"I" don't exist (25-Mar-2019)


The first-person singular nominative pronoun, I could not relate anything else with the alphabet I.

I never identified my existence with this alphabet, primarily because 'I' had issues with the articulation of my existence. I am here for a time period, we all are for a limited period, do not we? But this "period"...aah..does this exist?

The past what I have lived is not different from a movie I have watched or story I have heard somewhere. How much of past life do you actually remember? Not even 1%. On the other hand, the future has not come yet and the present is mysterious.

The very moment you realize that you are living in the present, it becomes past. Actual present never happens.

Do you remember that childhood game in which you would ask your friend "touch me" and your friend would end up touching your hand, head, stomach, back etc but not you?
No surprise, 'Ship of Theseus' was my favorite childhood Paradox.

Descartes was a clever man, who famously argued: "I think, therefore I am". But this only proves that the process of thinking is happening, the presence of thoughts does not establish my existence. All thoughts are gathered from other sources, how something gathered at other sources confirms "I EXIST"?

Anupam S Shlok