Saturday, 19 December 2015

Hail America(9-Dec-2015)

(My Take On Donald Trump's Statement about Muslims)

Yes Donal Trump's statement about stopping Muslims to come to America is a Racist statement , yes It is Indeed. This is worth analyzing , but my Interest is the attitude of a common American , who is pissed off with the problems in the ever welcoming society of America (unfortunately created by some people of a particular religion).
America has welcomed people who dream , want to become bigger. Muhhamad Ali or Kalpana Chawala , they welcomed each and every one. But eventually there is a tolerance point and specially when you allow people to achieve their dreams but behind the curtains same people fuck you. They eat your meals but spread poison in the society whenever they get a chance. This morning I read a news of 11 Indians deported back from quwait just because they chose to pray to the "Hindu" god. Ironically these kuwaiti two months back requested Arizona government to implement Sharia Law for the zone which has become a Muslim majority zone now.
Though in India these things are not surprising, We have countless places like Malappuram(Kerela) , where it’s more of Sharia which has been implemented instead of Indian Constitution. In India , this all is possible , because Hindus are generally a spineless creatures. Either they fight with each other on their issues or they fight with each other on other's issue. but they would never fight with the real problem forget about taking a stand. They would actually not allow other Hindus also to take a stand by calling them "Intolerant".
Common Americans have understood that, they are fighting with a religion which does not allow its followers to be loyal for the state or the country they are living in. Theses followers are only supposed to follow and be loyal towards their religion. Does not matter if they are American citizens or they are Indian citizens. So , if America chooses to be a bit Intolerant on the grounds that one particular community of their own society is actually fighting against them, conceptualizing to destroy them I don't consider them wrong. Let them make a stricter Immigrant bill. After all they are not 1.25 billion to afford some more attacks and death of civilians. We are tolerant because we are so populated that some of the terrorist attacks and death of common people would not bother us much.
I have soft corners for the Muslims, who are actually willing to cope with the Values and culture of the society in the countries where they are living in. But buddies, unfortunately a dominant members of your religion are not understanding that we are in year 2016 now , and no point in strictly believing in what was written 1400 years ago at a time when there was no technology , no equality, no respect for Woman. And the result of this extremist belief is that soon there is going to be a War, Which you also predict in your books. You call it a war of Muslims Versus Non-Believers and we will call it a war between Peacemakers and Peace disturbers.
At the end of this war there will be a defined Muslim world and a non-Muslim World with strict protocols of NO IMMIGRATION possible at all.
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