Saturday, 19 December 2015

If I am given a Chance to Slap "AIB" Bastards..!!(6-Feb-2015)

Before saying anything let me take a swear not to watch any movie featuring Karan Johar, Ranbeer Singh , Raghu Ram &; Arjun Kapoor. Anurag I did not expect you to be present at a place like this.
Let me tell you guys if you think, you are funny , rational , flag bearer of a new genre comedy , actually you are not . You are dumb losers. You represent that part of Uncivilized India, who has no understanding of what India is all about . Unfortunately you are my generation's role model & you influence mass . You are the answer of the question of "Why India has seen a culture shift and reached to a new low in last 15 years". You are also the proud reason of Women depowerment , why they are considered just a piece of flash by this generation.

I know the unfortunate part that your shitty organizers are going to get more following after this filthiest thing you have done. Don't think that you get followers because you are good , but those followers are rootless. If it was only about making people laugh i know next time you will be circulating your mother's nude pics while saying "We are doing all this just to make people laugh". Am i sounding rude ? You people should realize that  its nothing in front of what you have done to the whole generation.
I have no problems & interest in your animal instinctive sex life or low morals. We all know that you guys cannot be a faithful partner, and we don't expect you to be. I also don't have problems in dipika , sonakshi , alia or your own mother clapping on your so called jokes. They are as filthy and unfaithful as you. I also don’t get shocked when you say you can sleep with any women you want. This just proves what you think about Women. My only problem is your intention to sell your cheapness & you don’t bother about who is buying it. It is similar to giving a porn DVD to a kid. You tell him not to watch it beta, it’s not for you, and he would be more keen to know what is that . Let it be.. You guys don’t have any brains to understand all this because you are dumb enough to be unaware of the social impact you losers have on innocent common men.
Whoever is reading and understand what I am writing, I request them to avoid these people to the extreme, Stop watching them in whatever form they are. Let the message go from common men to this glittering but irresponsible industry that stop using us as ladders to reach at the point where you can sleep with any Women you want… Mind you… that "Any" women is your fan and you actually exploit the respect and emotions she has for you.

Anupam S Shlok (Moral Police - This is what you call us. )
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