Saturday, 19 December 2015

And the story goes on..(13-Dec-2015)

(Experimental excerpt writing)

She - I saw her photograph, she is beautiful. Say yes to parents,marry her.
He - how can you say that? I love you and will always love you,I have not thought anything else but you. Please be mine..lets elope
She - No I cant ..I have seen tears in my parents eyes . I cant do this.
He - don't you love me anymore?
She - I do Shona and I will always. But I have accepted the fact that eventually we both have to marry somwhere else. But that does not mean I will not love you.
He - Are you in love with someone else?
she - I told you , In this life I have loved you and will love you one is there. But yes for marriage I am thinking about this short Singapore guy or this new guy who has proposed me.
He - don't go far from me, be here .. Even if I marry somwhere else , I want to remain closer to you.
She-hmm babu, I'll make sure..remember no can take our love our moments and our memories from us...listen this is the time new guy calls me..i will talk to you in the night.
(disconnects the phone and calls He2)
she- how is my Shona,are you back from office?
He2- why your number was busy?
She- babu was talking to mom..she is forcing me to meet some guys..listen why ain't you serious about us?
He2- not again know my complications..I am not stopping you to marry ..please go ahead.
She- but did not you think about your complications when we slept?
He2 - see neither I was virgin nor you. So be mature..i love you and will always love you..but I don't think about marriage atleast not now ..not for next 2 years.
She- sometimes I feel you were biggest mistake of my life..but its the strange happiness of your company, why I am with you..I'll give u the time so you come out of your complications and we will be together.
He2- I have never promised you anything and will not..though I promise that I'll love you forever.
She- ok shona .give me sometime ..I want to be alone.
He2- hmm ok me when you feel like talking..
She- ok love you..bye babu
(disconnects the call..thinks for sometime and den messages on Skype to singapore guy)
She- how is my Shona.. What is the temperature in singapore baby??... Call me here when u r free..
(He3 messages - ok darling ..get ready ..make sure you are not wearing anything...hahaha)
and the story goes on...
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