Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Letter to Pappu Gandhi ...!! (15-Dec-2015)

Dear ‪#‎Pappu

I appreciate all the hard work you are doing for Congress , you have Indeed lost nearly 7 kg of weight in last one month.But if we keep this fact apart, are you really a congress loyalist? I mean whenever I look at you I feel that BJP has planted you in Congress to destroy congress internally.Is it a‪#‎ConspiracyTheory‬ of BJP.
Are you really so dumb or do you pretend to look like? I mean if you pretend den I must tell you that you are doing a wonderful job, you look damn cute while playing so.
I mean how cute was that statement "Modi did not allow me to go to temple in Assam ,see this kind of politics Modi plays." And I heard its Congress Ruling in Assam and also heard that Chief minister was all the time with you,still this Modi does not allow you to go to temple ...Aaw that's pretty bad of Modi..But I was surprised by the tolerence level you did not complain him when you were in Assam complained after 2 days when you reached Delhi near to Mom.
Dear gandhians, don't you think der is a limit of nonsense. You are screwing parliament sessions one by one, your analyst team is always busy in finding out issues to raise to disrupt the temple of democracy. If I would have been the power, I would have thrown you out from parliament untill and unless you don't learn ethics and respect for the nation. Or do you sense that this parliament session is your last in Indian politics.. The ghost of‪#‎NationalHerald‬ is gonna eat you and you people are gonna be behind the bars for 10 years atleast.

If Congress would have thought about development nearly 5% of the total opportunities they had to make a better India , they would have easily ruled India for 60 more years. But let bygone be bygone.. AB BAITHO AGLE 60 SAAL OPPOSITION MEIN AUR HO SAKE TO THODI TAMEEZ SEEKHO OPPOSITION MEIN BAITHNE KI..your personal ambitions are screwing all of the country.don't we say THOTHA CHANA BAAZE GHANA

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